Through My Eyepiece

Beginning in February 2006, I have been writing a column in each issue of the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. I've collected these columns here for your reading pleasure. All are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

February 2006

Through My Eyepiece

Starmaster 11-inch Newtonian, Jupiter

April 2006


Binoviewers, pairs of galaxies

June 2006

A Tale of Two Eclipses

Québec 1963, Libya 2006

August 2006

Cosmic Bird Watching

Messier, Finest NGC, Herschel 400

October 2006

City Mouse and Country Mouse

Observing in city and country

December 2006

Finding Things

Starhopping and digital setting circles

February 2007

Starting Out: Buying a Telescope

When, where, and what to buy

April 2007

Comets Seen and Unseen

Arend-Roland, Mrkos, Hyakutake, Hale-Bopp, McNaught

June 2007

Starting Out: A Most Pleasant Way to Spend an Evening

Jupiter central meridian transits

August 2007

Starting Out: Great Expectations

Beginners' expectations: low and high

October 2007

Starting Out: Sketching at the Eyepiece

Making simple drawings to train your eye

December 2007

Starting Out: What am I Going to Look at Tonight?

Planning an observing session

February 2008

Peas in a POD

SkyShed POD

April 2008

Southward Bound

Planning a trip to view Australian skies

June 2008

Under Southern Skies

Four nights in Australia

August 2008

Sing we and Chant it!

Early Chant medalists

October 2008

Some EnChanted Evening

Later Chant medalists

December 2008



February 2009


What do you look at?

April 2009

Perception and Reality

Talking to the public

June 2009

Something Completely Different

Ways to rejuvenate interest

August 2009

Titan’s Shadow

A lifetime first

December 2009

Santa Scopes

Telescope recommendations

February 2010

Fun, Go, and Galileo: Three Low-Priced ‘Scopes

Three scopes under $100

April 2010

Brasch’s Law

Observing nights per year

June 2010

Herschel Club

Observing Herschels

October 2010


Little extras

June 2011

Raising Arizona

Arizona visit prompts memories


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