The Sky This Month: March 2003

Upcoming Events

March 20/21: Jupiter:

6:53 pm Io occults Europa* (sky bright)
8:18 pm Io eclipses Europa*
8:36 pm Jupiter occults Europa
11:34 pm Jupiter occults 8.3 magnitude star
1:27 am Europa emerges from eclipse by Jupiter
2:30 am Great Red Spot on central meridian
3:29 am Ganymede almost occults Europa
4:27 am Jupiter sets
5:26 am 8.3 magnitude star emerges from occultation
March 20: 8:00 pm Vernal equinox…it’s SPRING!

March 26: 6:00 pm Vesta, the brightest asteroid, in opposition.

March 28/29/30: All night! Messier Marathon weekend

 We will be observing at Forks of the Credit Provincial Park the night of March 29/30 (Saturday/Sunday)
April 6: 2:00 am Daylight Saving Time begins (YUCCHH!)

April 10/11: Jupiter:

7:45 pm Callisto begins transit of Jupiter
8:00 pm Great Red Spot on central meridian
9:43 pm Io begins transit of Jupiter
10:55 pm Io’s shadow begins transit of Jupiter
11:24 pm Callisto occults Io*
12:00 am Io leaves Jupiter’s disk
12:31 am Callisto leaves Jupiter’s disk
1:11 am Io’s shadow leaves Jupiter’s disk

April 16: All week! Mercury at greatest elongation east.

Best evening apparition of the year.
* For more such events, see:


R Leonis: Mira-type 5.9—10.1m 313d