The Sky This Month: February 2003

Saturn and Jupiter

The Winter Milky Way:

Gemini, Canis Minor, Canis Major, and Monoceros


e Epsilon Canis Majoris: 1.5m & 7.4m 7.5" Adhara
k Puppis HIP37229: 4.5m & 4.7m 9.9" ****
b Beta Monocerotis: 4.7m & 5.2m 7.3" ****
8 Monocerotis (e): 4.5m & 6.5m 13.4" ****
d Delta Geminorum: 3.5m & 8.2m 6.8" ****
a Geminorum: 1.9m & 2.9m 2.2" Castor ****


X Monocerotis: semi-regular 7.4—9.1m 156d
S Canis Minoris: Mira-type 7.5—12.6m 333d
U Geminorum: U Geminorum-type 8.9—14.9m 105.
S Geminorum: Mira-type 9.0—14.2m 293d

Deep Sky Objects:

M93 Puppis Open cluster *****
M41 Canis Major Open cluster *****
M46 Puppis Open cluster ***** plus NGC2438 planetary nebula ****
M47 Puppis Open cluster *****
NGC2359 Canis Major Emission nebula Thor's Helmet **
M50 Monoceros Open cluster *****
M48 Hydra Open cluster *****
NGC2237+ Monoceros Emission nebula * and open cluster ***** Rosette Nebula
NGC2261 Monoceros Emission & reflection nebula Hubble's Variable Nebula ***
NGC2392 Gemini Planetary nebula Clown Face or Eskimo Nebula *****
M35 Gemini Open cluster *****