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The problem of darkness does not exist for the man gazing at the stars. No doubt the darkness is there, fundamental, pervasive, and unconquerable except at the pinpoints where the stars twinkle; but the problem is not why there is such darkness, but what is the light that breaks through it so remarkably; and granting this light, why we have eyes to see it and hearts to be gladdened by it.

                                                            -- George Santayana

Born: 1941 in Montréal, Canada
1985 to Louise Gervais, son David born 1986

     B.Sc. McGill University (mathematics and physics) 1964
     M.A. University of Toronto (anthropology) 1966
     Ph.D. University of Toronto (anthropology) 1970


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Talking Telescopes (PDF presentation to Toronto Centre 2007 01 03)

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